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Concepts for a new range of Sea Safety Life Jacket inflators. A modular design with interchangeable moulding, produced in the Far East allowed manual and auto-inflators to be produced within restricted development and tooling budgets.

Units could be retro fitted to old lifejackets through common mount points or integrally within new ranges.

Concept to production development of a combined storage and transportation trolley, for the handling of hazardous materials. A solution designed both for low volume production and a niche market.

The final production unit was showcased at Subcon 2009 at the NEC Birmingham. Click here to read the case study for this product and many others not featured in this gallery.

Shape designed by Ross Lovegrove. Developed by a member of our core team into a cost effective, manufacturable product.

Technical design, complex injection mould development, production drawings and toolmaker liaison.

Helium3 used it's experience in software modeling to work with a sanitary towel manufacturer to rationalize a range of existing machines into a single generic design.

Close liaison with the company's engineering department allowed Helium3 to design out long existing interference clashes and tolerance issues.

Helium3 assisted a manufacturer to achieve a very short time to market, with a design created and a prototype tested within days. The kettle was subsequently tooled in the Far East and produced in Europe.

The result was elegant, simple and on the shelf before the competition.

Working in collaboration with an injection moulding company, our design team was employed to develop a specialist well plate to store cell cultures in medical applications.

The design required accurate sample volumes, compatiblility with an existing lid, and mould analysis to prevent any effect to the stabilisation of temperatures within cell cultures.

A battery powered air freshener for domestic and consumer markets, designed to auto-release fragrance at timed intervals.

Our input included: product styling, development of the external body, internal chassis and placement of internal components including battery, fan, scent cartridge and aroma release PCB.

Our brief: "a quality spoon at a low price". Developed concept sketch into a 3D computer model for production in 3 days. Rigidity and material mass was critical at 3.8g. 10,000,000 produced to date via established food grade Far East moulder.

CAD design, Prototyping, Injection mould liaison and High volume production.

Drawing on our experience of electronic enclosures in hostile environments, a member of our core team created a laptop screen enclosure for use in military environments.

The enclosure had to be resistant to dust and water, plus shock and vibration proof. The complex injection mould design maximized strength against weight to achieve a light and robust enclosure for sensitive electronics.

The bike light duo was designed as an ultra compact unit with both front and rear lights assembled together for storage. Using our knowledge of injection moulding techniques we created a bracket which was compatible with all sizes of bicycle tubing for either handlebar or stem mounting

This bracket was provided with the light in the event you owned a different type of handlebar or stem to that which the standard light fits without the bracket.

A toy treasure chest made from faced corragated card, printed with a wood effect and assembled without the need for glue. The treasure chest integrates a carry handle and a locking clip captive within the card without the need for glue.

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