Service Trolley

Helium 3 was commissioned to design, manufacture and supply a combined storage and transportation solution, for the handling of hazardous materials. Identified as a key safety factor during production, the client was keen to reduce dramatically manual handling requirements from the current levels.

Subjected to the elements, daily use and a regular cleaning cycle it was imperative to avoid the build up of static or contaminent during use in the production process.

A solution designed both for low volume production and a niche market.

Product loaded into racks at various stages in process
Solution repeatedly withstanding 100 degrees centigrade oven cycles
Many considerations for hazardous materials used

An analysis of the present process was made, suggestions raised and fed back at an early stage to the operators themselves for review. The favoured concepts developed, detailed and subsequently prototyped; operator feedback again being gathered to evaluate handling within the some times restricted physical environment and protective clothing.

Offline production ready trials were conducted before being approved for manufacture.

Ergonomic studies were conducted to ensure safety and comfort during use
Multiple designs were considered and presented during the concept stage
Prototype trolleys were constructed to analyse manoeuvrability, comfort and stability, as well as functionality and dimensional fits.

Successfully delivering a number of the specialist enclosures & respective trolleys, a final production unit was showcased at Subcon 2009 at the NEC Birmingham.

Tailored for another area of production a further build has since been requested.

Detail view of the trolley's jacking mechanism
Detail view of the trolley's front axel and wheels
Detailed ergo model during the final stages of the design, refining the fits and proportions around the user
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