Radiation Detector

Engaged to draw on our experience in designing ruggedised enclosures, Helium3 was employed to design two robust and ergonomic radiation detector enclosures to be used during the commissioning and decommissioning of nuclear submarines.

The final designs should be compact, should protect sensitive electronics and be suitable for use within harsh environments.

The original product before being redesigned to be more ergonomic, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing
Handle interfered with original navigation interface
Product used on submarines to detect ratdiation levels

A thorough period of research, design development and testing began by evaluating our clients' current product. Our team asked themselves whether balancing component weight around the handle and ergonomically positioning user controls would dramatically reduce fatigue? Could we cleverly create two-distinct-products-in-one by attaching different bolt-on modules to a common but configurable enclosure?

These options and more were comprehensively explored as the product took shape.

3D CAD models were developed to analyse internal space, perfecting the centre of gravity within a modified shell
Several designs were considered finding the best solution
Ideas were then developed into fully manufacturable designs

Our teams' thorough analysis, probing questions and fresh perspective resulted in a product which far exceeded our clients' expectations, creating a quick to assemble, highly robust, ergonomic and user centred device which proved intuitive and far less exhausting to use.

Producing two-distinct-products-in-one proved an unexpected bonus, standardising parts and reducing design development, production and stockholding costs.

Detail of membrane keypad interface
Detail of screen interface and ergonomic handle
Detail of detector 'nose'
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