Leak Detector

We all know that clean water is absolutely essential to sustain life, plugging holes is the easiest way to minimize losses; you just need to find them.

We were asked to create a compact submersible ruggedized enclosure; used as a set with a base station to accurately locate leaks in lengths of pipe work, without digging.

Leaks in piping cause a loss of pressure and waste water. The leaks need to be found fast.
The equipment finds the leak by listening to the system.
Due to the nature of its working environment, the product had to be water tight. A rubber seal was used to provide localised waterproofing.

Understanding the environment was key, knowing the operator may want to operate the product with only one hand free, being able to lower the unit down what may be a narrow water filled hole in the ground.

It's used in the field and as such had to be strong enough to deal with the knocks and bangs that come with this; being submersible we didn't want water pooling in any cavities.

Prototype models were created from the 3D CAD data.
These models were used as progressive checks for 'real world' interaction between the user and the product.
The final prototype proved all the features were user friendly and the product assembled together without complication.

Initial conception through to offshore manufacturing; the product is in production and current being supplied to customers.

Ergonomic and with all its connectors on the single top face, its slim design allows for stacking neatly alongside its associated base station and leads within the one case.

Detail of one of the multi-pole connectors. This transfers multiple channels of data at high speed.
The battery compartment.
Detail of the activation button. The product was styled to compliment the components being used.
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