Drug Detector

To develop an easy to use, robust and lightweight 'anomaly' detector to search for, and accurately locate, hidden organic drugs within wall, floor and ceiling cavities and vehicle panelling.

To increase search speed and area coverage whilst reducing assembly times when using an extension pole for searching above head height.

Existing product with carry case
Extension arm is time-consuming to assemble
Area coverage and scan speed of current detector is poor

Establish weaknesses of existing detectors by watching them being used and talking to the users. Think laterally; explore multiple ideas by brainstorming; develop prototypes to test and optimise solutions.

Integrate electronics, resolve ergonomics/human factors, produce production drawings and liaise with suppliers to procure and value engineer components.

Work with EMC and product test houses to ensure relevant standards are met. Put prototypes through their paces through vigorous user trials.

Concept CAD models communicate our ideas to the client
Multiple 'proof of principle' mechanical prototypes produced
Prototypes and final product go through rigorous testing

Increased search speed by using two detectors not one. Offset the increased weight by using heavy components as counter-balances. Minimised fatigue by developing a self-aligning joint to naturally maintain the scanning head against the surface being scanned.

Integrated the previously separate extension pole into an all-in-one design to eliminate the need to assemble and disassemble the product when using an extension pole for searching above head height.

This product is now in full scale manufacture.

Reduce perceived weight by using heavy components as counterbalances
Self-aligning joint maintains scanning head against the search surface
All-in-one design dramatically reduces disassembly time
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